Nursing Home Abuse

We put faith in nursing homes to look after our family members and ensure that they are kept safe and secure from danger. There are legal procedures put in place to ensure nursing home staff give their residents a high quality service. Unfortunately, a lack of sufficient staff and education, together with cost-saving incentives, mean that procedures are often not followed. If you think that your loved one has sustained a trauma due to an error by nursing home staff, contact a Texas lawyer experienced in the area of medical negligence. Sadly, mistakes made by nursing home staff happen far too frequently. If you discover your relative has been neglected or abused, staff may excuse their behavior by blaming it on the advanced age of the resident. This is plainly false.

If your loved one has suffered harm or loss as a result of mistreatment by nursing home staff please contact our office at

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Most traumas caused to residents are due to negligence by nursing home staff and include:

  • Dehydration & Malnutrition
  • Fall injuries
  • Home Healthcare Provider Abuse or Negligence
  • Lack of Supervision
  • Bedsores
  • Physical and Sexual Elder Abuse

Foster & Sear is dedicated to representing victims and families who have experienced harm or loss as a result of mistreatment by nursing home staff. Our most vulnerable relatives are often subjected to negligent malpractice in the nursing homes entrusted with their care and we are here to ensure that they receive experienced legal representation and fair compensation from those responsible. Contact us at 1-800-631-5908 or click here for a free claim evaluation. We will give you a no-cost and confidential consultation to help you identify your legal rights and discuss a potential lawsuit. Our clients are charged on a contingency basis which means that you will not be charged our a fee unless we secure compensation on your behalf.

Dehydration and Malnutrition

Sadly, many elderly nursing home residents are helpless. They cannot provide the necessary nutrition and hydration to their own bodies. They rely on others to take the time to ensure they are ingesting food and water, and not just provide them with a tray of food. Elderly and sick residents are especially vulnerable to poor nutrition and hydration which can result in health issues, including:


  • Urinary tract infections
  • Propensity for bedsores

Unfortunately, there is a culture in nursing home facilities to use excuses such as “these issues are unsurprising in old patients”. You need to be a position to fight for your loved one. We can assist you in ensuring the responsible parties are held to account for their actions and we will pursue the highest compensation on behalf of your family member.

Fall Injuries
Often our senior citizens are very vulnerable. When they suffer a collapse, they are likely to experience a severe injury, such as broken bones or bad bleeding. Sometimes this occurs because nursing homes do not sufficiently protect against falls.

Collapses in nursing homes are avoidable. Understaffed, miscommunication and poor attention to residents are all possible factors that could result in a collapse. Residents often attempt to leave their bed or attempt to return to their bed alone and are hurt in the process. The nursing home staff who are responsible for the safety and care of your family member are liable for the harm caused.

Nursing home staff try to shift liability to the resident by using the excuse that they “cannot be always watching every patient”. This is exactly the reason you have entrusted the care of your loved one to the nursing home. By holding responsible parties to account for their mistakes, we hope to avoid other families suffering as you have. Foster & Sear will seek the maximum compensation for your loved one.

Home Healthcare Provider Abuse or Negligence
Often, our older relatives require a homecare provider so they can continue living in their house. Unfortunately, homecare staff may mistreat your loved one or make a mistake causing harm and you are not made aware of this. These actions may mean that your family member suffers an injury.

Homecare staff are often working too hard and without sufficient education. This means that mistakes are made or patients suffer mistreatment and neglect.

Foster &Sear is experienced with homecare problems, including:

  • Injuries caused by home health aides
  • Theft of property
  • Theft of money
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Failure to properly attend to a client

Homecare services must follow the procedures of the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). This includes familiarizing themselves with the history of their staff and providing the relevant education. Sadly, homecare services often neglect to adhere to these procedures, resulting in harm to your loved one.

Lack of Supervision

It is commonly known that assisted-living staff are heavily overworked. As a result, residents are often without supervision for hours giving them time to leave the facility. If your loved one is suffering from memory loss or Alzheimer´s, they could put themselves as risk by getting lost or hurt alone and being unable to explain their situation to anyone.
You have put faith in the assisted-living facility to supervise your vulnerable relative. If this responsibility is neglected, the facility must be held to account. We are here to seek the full compensation that your loved one deserves. By making assisted-living facilities liable for their negligence, we hope to avoid other families suffering as you have.



If an immobile resident is not moved frequently, they can suffer from bedsores, also described as pressure wounds, decubitus ulcers, or pressure ulcers. Agonizing infections can develop in these wounds if they do not receive treatment quickly.

Often, nursing home staff do not move the residents frequently enough to avoid the development of pressure wounds. It is standard procedure that nursing home and hospital staff should frequently move immobile residents to stop pressure wounds from developing. Doctors are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their patients are moved frequently to avoid to formation of these sores.

If your loved one has suffered harm or loss as a result of bedsores please contact our office at 1-800-631-5908 or click here for a free claim evaluation.

Physical and Sexual Elder Abuse

We trust assisted-living homes to look after and protect our vulnerable elderly family members. It is absolutely unacceptable if a worker or another patient causes harm to, or sexually assaults our loved one. Sadly, assaults of this nature are not uncommon in many assisted -living facilities. Foster & Sear can help you if your family member has suffered bodily harm or sexual assault.

If your loved one has suffered harm or loss as a result of physical or sexual abuse please contact our office at 1-800-631-5908 or CLICK HERE for a free claim evaluation.